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Video Downloads
These are our instructional videos.
You can download a set, or a single file.
All files are in .wmv format.

To download, right click on the title and choose "Save link as..."
Knot Videos  (Download All)

Teardrop Knot
Double Coin Knot
Pendent Knots
Snake Knot
Over Under Knot
Double Loop Knots
Prosperity Knot
Rope Helix Knot
Flower Knot
Sliding Sheet Bend
Rabbit Knot
Challenge Knot
Box Knot
Good Luck Knot
Cross Knot
True Lovers Knot
Trinity Knot
Panel Knot
Button Knot
River Knot
Quick Ties  (Download All)

Quick Finish Chain Braiding Rope French Bowling Shackle Prisoner Cuffs
Flogging Cuffs Flexible Strap Zip Snare Rope Strap
The Claw The Foot Bender Monkey Fist Ball Gag Wide Bit Gag

Useful Side Ties  (Download All)

Rope Leash Spreader Wrap Rope Whip Rope Web
Rope Ladder Whipping Rope Ends    
Decorative Ideas   (Download All)

Rigger Gauntlets Rope Belt Buckle Rope Panties Rope Blindfold
Head Cage Rope Slave Collar Hair Corset Arm Gauntlet
Harnesses and Other Ties   (Download All)

Knot Based Harnesses Corselet Harness Modified Pearl Harness Star Back Harness
Dragonfly Sleeve Leg Bow Pentagram Harness
TKB PSAs  (Download All)

How to Get Free From Handcuffs (without a key) How to Dye Rope How to Make Rope

"Showing you the Ropes" Book Release Workshop  (Download All)

Introduction and Safety Live Ankle Wrap Live Basic Wrap Live Cats Paw
Live Rope Shackle Workshop Interviews
Making of "Back on the Ropes"  (Download All)

LA Weekend One LA Weekend Two LA Weekend Three LA Weekend Four

Behind the Scenes  (Download All)

BaGG Dual Suspension Portland, Day 1 Portland, Day 2 Shibari Shots
Bodybound 2008 Twisted Monk Tour The Art of TKB Rip Us Off!

Interviews and Appearances  (Download All)

ATOS Interview (Part 1) ATOS Interview (Part 2) NPR Interview (Part 1) NPR Interview (Part 2)
NPR Interview (Part 3) Taugshow Interview
JD's "Tying it All Together" Series  (Download All)

Military Bugle Cord Double Coin Knot vs. Carrick Bend Compound Double Coin Knot Diamond Knot
Fusion Knotting Technique #1 Hunter's Bend Adjustable Bend Wall Knot
Suspension Ring Tie Off Solomon Bar Fusion Knotting Technique #2 Related Knots #1
One Handed Bowline

Poldo Tackle Decorative Double Loop Harbin Knot
Plafond Knot

Cloud Knot Maedate Knot Triskelion Knot
Zigzag Braid

Pentaradial Knot Two Color Solomon Bar Lashing a Bamboo Tripod
Wide Solomon Bar Kinky Lovers Knot Winged Cross Knot Triple Barrel Knot


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