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  "Boiler Room"
Boiler rooms make the air hot, sticky and wet. Then again, so does sensual bondage. Here the models play out a steampunk capture fantasy. The ornate rope harness worn by the model makes the steampunk imagery all the more alluring.

  "Tripod Flight"
This is an example of the TKB tabletop suspension rig-arguably one of the most versatile suspension rigs within the fusion bondage genre. The model can be left in the tabletop position, titled forward, tilted back and stretched out long.

This is an example of a decorative body harness coupled with a functional arm tie; and, as surprising as this may sound, one continuous piece of rope was used to create it. Although functionally restraining the piece is quite comfortable.

  "Crucifixion I"
This is the test-tie for what became a series of ties based on religious and spiritual iconography. Essentially the union of the TKB hip harness, the trinity knot brassier and two simple wrist ties, the visual result is pleasantly arresting.

  "Shibari Suspension"
The art of suspension popularized by the tradition of Shibari acts as an inspiration for this tie. The juxtaposition of the Sake poured over self (by model), the model's reaching out toward the camera and to the viewer only add to the surrealistic tone.

  "Bamboo Triangle"
This piece functions as a consequence-tie... That is the rope around the model's neck tightens as she leans forward, attempts to lift her legs, reaches forward to grab the bamboo poles or drops her arms to push herself off the ground.

  "Black Gate"
The decorative integration of a double coin knot brassier, a rope corset and a double coin knot hobble skirt, Black Gate marks my first time working with Canadian cyber-fetish model Bathory. The shoot was very much enjoyed and took place before a back gate across form The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park (SF).

  "Blue Gazelle"
Decorative and functional extensions of the rope corset, the tie illustrates the effectiveness of variation in expression. Tight rope corset ties were used to adorn the hair and to fix the arms in opposing directions. While, rope shackle ties were used to fix the ankles in place.

This piece allows the model to stretch out horizontally, but little else. It is a blending of the TKB hip harness and multiple supportive shackle ties.

  "Eros Zine Shoot"
Decorative bondage is the corner stone of our style. Illustrated here are the innovative applications of two classic knots, the Trinity and the Double Coin, couple with cleverly applied rope Corset Top and Gauntlets.

With its trademark clean lines and restraining fit, the basic wrap is the quintessential tie of western styled rope bondage. More the reason to go with a cowboy (cough), excuse me, cowgirl theme with this, my ode to the glory days of late 19th century bondage.

  "Crucifixion II"
This is the technical expansion of "Crucifixion I". Increasing the integrity of the hip harness, the trinity knot brassier and two simple wrist ties, the piece maintained the model in position six feet off the ground, for nearly thirty minutes.

  "Cupboard Cat"
This is an example of a decorative piece, for which I decided to focus my attention upon the model's back. A cornerstone of fusion bondage, "clean," well designed back ties are, for the most part, overlooked by most riggers.

  "Forced Cuddle"
This piece is the result of my decision to rig something cute. The models are tied together utilizing a series of strategically placed rope wraps.

"Fruit" provides alternative views of "Bamboo Triangle", a series that primarily focused upon a model discovering the effects of a consequence-tie. Incorporating a second model, this series is simply too sexy not to show!

  "Hobble Skirt"
This is a decorative piece that integrates a traditional full body Japanese tortoise shell tie with modern fusion tie techniques. Although not immobilizing, the tie effectively reduces the model's ability to walk with much skill.

An ode to situational bondage (with a twist) "Kitchen" is an example of a modified TKB tabletop suspension. Geared to force the suspended model into a faced down, exposed and vulnerable position, the tie "twists" until the desired position is achieved.

This is one of the most technical pieces I've tied to date, and one I'm very proud of having successfully completed. Still, the greatest contribution to this piece was not my expertise; it was the patience and endurance of the model.

  "Milk & Honey"
These are examples of a modified Japanese pearl woven into a rope corset, and a rope brassier incorporating a Chinese double coin knot and cross knot. Rarely seen integrated into ties, the cross knot is one of the fundamentals of Chinese decorative knotting.

  "Purple Corselet"
This is an example of a rope corselet - a combination of a light corset and a brassiere. Purely decorative, a rope corset tie and the Chinese double coin knot are utilized in its creation.

This is an example of a modified Japanese "Hon Kikkou" tie (Kikkou is the Japanese word for tortoise). Tied with one continuous strip of rope, the piece holds its decorative look and maintains its effectiveness during struggle.

"Servitude" was tied at Eric Kroll's house. As with all nights out with Eric, this one was pretty exciting. Still, between the frenzied attentions given to the model, the multiple photographers and the food our model served, a formidable double coin knot bicep tie was completed.

  "Star Back"
This is an example of a "star back tie". A relative newcomer to the fusion bondage genera, the tie is created with one continuous piece of rope. Aside from it's elegant engineering, it is also a phenomenally effective tie with multiple pose options.

This is an example of a floating suspension rig, or a suspension rig that allows the model to move freely in three-dimensional space, while still maintaining their distance from the ground. Recommended for athletic models.

  "The Tunnel"
This is an example of thematic rigging. The juxtaposition of film noir imagery and fusion bondage, the ties shown were chosen to incorporate both function and artistic style into the intensity of the tunnel road.


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